The design of all Web-based applications begins with a basic concept of presenting information in a manner that is easy to understand, easy to navigate and of value for the intended audience. Taking this a step further or to the next level involves the development of tools that assist the viewer with automating processes so related materials are easily accessible without moving through page after page to "discover" an answer or solution.

Tecstra Systems has developed a variety of tools to assist the viewer as they seek additional information regarding content they are viewing. Tools such as Find It Fast icons, Search Highlighters and Knowledge Calculators are all examples of solutions that make the viewing experience of greater value to the intended audience.

Find It Fast Icons

  • Easy to use buttons to locate related content
  • The buttons float and remain on the page being viewed for ease of fast access
  • Highlight a word with the mouse and click on the button to find related materials
  • Find It Fast buttons can be configured for any type of related materials desired

Search Engines & Text Highlighters

  • A highly valued means of quickly viewing specific content or key words
  • After entering a key word or words, the search results provide highlighted words
  • This tool eliminates the need to search through extensive text to find key words
  • Highlight colors can be controlled to present the desired results for searches

Knowledge Calculators

  • A variety of calculators can be provided to automate access to knowledge
  • Metric conversions, ROI projections and amortization schedules are only a few ideas
  • Calculators can be provided for an extensive set of desired results
  • An excellent means of offering tools of high value for site visitors

The edViser tools, those discussed and others existing are continually evolving as they are enhanced and improved to serve a variety of online functions for corporate clients. Tecstra Systems is always interested in the needs of the market and would welcome any suggestions or requests for needs by prospective or current clients.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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