When content is developed for online presentation, it is often difficult to create first, a system to maintain the content and second, a depth of good content that is high in quality and comprehensive in subject matter. Thus, many efforts to present content fail due to an inability to deliver a valued viewer experience, providing instead only a small amount of assistance that becomes useless in value or very limited in creating the result expected by the viewer. Tecstra Systems has developed substantial content assets consisting of both images and text that are integrated into the edViser Content Manager suite of tools for ease of presentation and delivery to clients throughout the world, creating a valued experience for viewers seeking advice, guidance and performance support.

Tecstra System's hosted solution eliminates the content development burden and expedites the time to market with edViser solutions for the technology and food industries. The library of content is continuously updated and can be easily designed to assume the look and feel of any site. Whether the content serves as a performance support system for employees and channel partners or simply a means to build stronger customer relationships through knowledge sharing, Tecstra's products are unique and well designed in order to meet the objectives of all types of organizations. The Content Center solutions currently include:

The Kitchen edViser

  • An interactive Knowledge Center containing a depth of food relevant content
  • A content manager that maintains knowledge, recipes, tips, and techniques
  • Online glossary with over 4,000 terms with tips, techniques and images
  • Full integration of functionalities with Knowledge, Glossary and Recipes
  • Seasonal content changes reflecting current subject matter
  • A Brand Resource Center to align products with knowledge topics
  • Updates and changes continually occur, both by the client and the host

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The Graphics edViser

  • A Knowledge Center populated with Graphic Arts and Technology content
  • Over 3,000 glossary terms and illustrations for visual reference
  • A suite of tools to automate access and delivery of content
  • Brands relevant to knowledge can be aligned and presented to viewers
  • Knowledge, terms, tips, techniques, online tools are all readily accessed
  • Updates and changes continually occur, both by the client and the host

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The edViser Content Libraries contain the most complete volumes of specific content existing online today. All edViser libraries of content are solutions hosted by Tecstra allowing organizations to easily publish and maintain a base of valued client guidance, education and advice that is quickly accessible and readily available, building stronger and more productive alliances with clients.

Tecstra Systems is always interested in the needs of the market and would welcome any suggestions or requests for needs by prospective or current clients.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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