The Graphics edViser Knowledge Center is a Web-based library containing thousands of articles, terms and images authored and hosted by Tecstra Systems that can be deployed to enterprise portals or public sites as a support mechanism to extend knowledge to enterprise customers, partners and employees. As companies of all sizes seek ways to differentiate their products and services from others, knowledge sharing is becoming a key element that effectively provides differentiation. The Graphics edViser is an excellent database of knowledge providing an array of education, advice, tips, techniques, and valuable assistance to guide performance and daily decisions of professionals in the graphic arts and technology industries.

The selection of content and content tools can be determined by the organization installing the edViser Knowledge Center, enabling the enterprise to deploy only relevant subject matter for those viewing the content.

The task of developing valued added tools, as well as keeping the content fresh, up to date and relevant for the viewing audience is the responsibility of Tecstra Systems. Maintaining a site with a depth of valued content and content tools in a manner that attracts viewers and instills a belief that the online experience was highly valued by the viewer is a difficult task that may often be difficult for many sites to accomplish. Thus, the Graphics edViser is an excellent system that enables organizations to easily and quickly deploy a robust solution that removes the burden from the enterprise and enables more important tasks to be effectively undertaken.

The Graphics edViser is a productive solution for companies struggling with providing valued online content to their base of viewers. Tecstra Systems welcomes the opportunity to assist with any content management initiatives currently being considered.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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