The Kitchen edViser is a Web-based library containing thousands of articles, terms, recipes, and images that can be interfaced into online sites and portals to provide a support system distributing knowledge to enterprise customers, partners and employees. It is the most extensive database of food related content currently existing that can be cross referenced when accessing terms, knowledge or recipe content. The subject matter maintained includes: 1) over 4,000 terms with definitions; 2) extensive advice on food insight, such as cooking temperatures, food substitutions, preparation, cuts of meats and more, and; 3) valuable tips and techniques for buying, cooking, and making a wide variety of food items.

The Kitchen edViser is a suite of content managers that maintain content and enable users to self-manage recipes, knowledge and glossary terms, all interfaced to allow cross searching and linking for a more comprehensive online experience when seeking education or advice regarding foods.

Organizations can install the Kitchen Knowledge Center as a hosted library and can choose the desired amount of content for terms and images to be placed within the enterprise sites. The number of pages, the depth of content and the selection of tools can all be varied to fit the needs of the enterprise for offering content to internal or external clients.

Tecstra Systems hosts, manages and updates the content continuously so that the Kitchen edViser not only keeps the materials being presented up to date, but also fresh in appearance and relevancy for online viewers. Providing good content and a depth of content in an ongoing manner that attracts viewers and improves the online experience of visitors is a major task that is often not effectively accomplished. The Kitchen edViser removes the burden encountered by many online sites of finding and maintaining good content, thus enabling organizations to concentrate on their core competencies, while making their site a valued experience for site visitors.

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