The edViser Glossary Manager is a Web-based system designed to manage terms and images so they can be deployed to enterprise sites and portal applications placed online as a support mechanism to organize, store and share knowledge with enterprise customers, partners and employees. The Glossary Manager is an excellent example of a multi-purpose application built to interface with other related materials and content. An administration tool enables the Glossary Manager to be self-managed as it is populated with terms, definitions, images, explanations, key word search features, and a variety of tools to enable the enterprise terms to be readily available online for viewers, whenever and wherever they are desired.

Terms can be displayed and accessed alphabetically or with a key word search to locate a variety of related terms. Terms selected can be displayed with a depth of content both text and images to assist the viewer.

The edViser Glossary Manager provides an excellent system for all types of organizations seeking to provide a effective digital solution for supporting the performance of partners, employees and consumers seeking knowledge held within the enterprise

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