The edViser Product Manager is a tool designed to enable organizations to align, interface and display related brand information as Internet site visitors seek and access information regarding a specific item or product. Enabling viewers to be advised of promotions, product tips, techniques for use, related sites, and other information automatically as the product or brand is viewed, eliminates much from site administration tasks that are often accomplished with time consuming and lengthy manual processes. The edViser Product Manager enables organizations to update product information once and dynamically distribute the information across the site, without having to continually update and enter the information in each location and each time the site changes.

Data can be placed in the Product Manager and dynamically updated by company personnel for ease of distribution to any related location within the site, whenever and wherever desired. Product promotions can be updated quickly, viewed for each brand or product, and then easily changed as events expire or new products are introduced.

The edViser Product Manager is an effective tool for the updated and interfacing of related content to brands and products offered the enterprise. Manual processes are removed with automated processes that easily assist with keeping content fresh and contextually sound.

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