A variety of services are available for managing enterprise applications that assist to remove the complexity of overseeing Web tasks in order to allow the organization to concentrate their efforts on devoting constructive time to key core competencies. The following are a few of the Application Management Services provided by Tecstra Systems:

Hosting Services

  • Managed or unmanaged hosting
  • Dedicated and shared servers
  • Selected software, database and e-commerce support
  • Mail, FTP and multi-media support
  • Security services, data backup and server monitoring

Maintenance Services

  • Search optimization
  • Site delivery optimization
  • Systems configuration, management and deployment
  • Site analysis and periodic or continual review

Application Development and Integration Services

  • Tool development, enhancement or repurposing
  • Site functionality testing
  • User experience and functionality improvement
  • Database development and maintenance
  • Custom application configuration

Site Reports and Statistical Analysis Services

  • Extensive live site stats configured into daily reports
  • Custom tool development for site decision making

Online Marketing Services

  • E-Mail marketing campaigns and database maintenance
  • Marketing tools for site promotions

Overseeing and maintaining online applications so they are continually providing highly effective Web solutions is a key technology strategy of Tecstra Systems. The applications currently deployed for major corporate clients of Tecstra Systems are fully managed to assure the success of both Internet and intranet applications that are expected to deliver an excellent experience for all enterprise clients regardless when or where the online functions are accessed.

Tecstra Systems provides highly valued e-service solutions for enterprise workflow.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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