A key element of all Web sites or applications is the content developed to provide insight, advice, education, navigation, instructions, or similarly related materials to be displayed on a site. To organize the needs, author the text, select the images, and arrange the content in a manner that not only presents it effectively, but also allows it to be found and then most importantly, provides the intended experience for the viewer, is a very complex and time consuming endeavor.

Tecstra Systems provides content development services that have often been recognized for the outstanding quality and depth of substance within the content developed by Tecstra. For organizations seeking assistance in creating valued online content and content solutions customized to the needs of the organization, Tecstra offers the following services to assist:

Content Concept and Strategy Review

  • Needs analysis and success benchmark identification
  • Technical and functional strategy creation
  • Identification of enterprise technical and business goals
  • Develop the technical and functional strategies

Content Architecture Design

  • Database repository, taxonomy and related structured design
  • User interface design and coding
  • Component design and development
  • Integration and deployment

Content Creation

  • Subject matter research, organization and creation
  • Custom content development and structure interface
  • Text and image creation services
  • Final inspections, proofing and live site implementation

Tecstra Systems is both a content management and content development company, designing not only the tools and applications to manage the content, but also authors of the specialized content to be placed into the various content managers that are built. The Edviser concept was created by Tecstra to not only refer to the brand of the content managers but also the subject matter within. The Graphics Edviser, the Kitchen Edviser and the Food Edviser are all examples of custom content that has been created, is available to be licensed, and is now being utilized by large organizations to enhance their online viewer experiences.

The eduCommerce concept is a valued strategy for organizations seeking to build stronger allegiances between new and current customers. Tecstra Systems builds content for companies seeking to employ eduCommerce as a means to reach their target audiences to assist in influencing buying decisions prior to the purchase.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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