As the array and volume of content increases, the complexity of managing the diversity of the text, images, audio, and video components displayed online also increases. Tecstra Systems provides services and tools to effectively manage specialized enterprise content, which increase enterprise productivity and enables company employees to concentrate on projects that are more strategic to the organization. For organizations seeking assistance in managing online content, Tecstra offers the following services to assist:

Content Hosting

  • Managed or unmanaged content services
  • Administrative tools for content reports, access, and delivery
  • Secured facilities with dedicated or shared server options
  • Develop the technical and functional strategies

Content Management Support

  • edViser Content Managers - Software tools to manage content
  • edViser Content Libraries - Existing and customized content solutions
  • Content development consulting and strategy development
  • Technical writing and technical support services

Content Maintenance

  • Database updates, content repurposing and content development
  • Access and delivery optimization for search engines and site content
  • Organization, categorization and publishing services
  • Final inspections, proofing and live site implementations

Tecstra Systems provides not only the content, but also a suite of content management applications designed and developed to manage a wide variety of enterprise digital assets. The edViser brand was created by Tecstra to include both custom content authored by our technical staff and the content management tools that effectively control the variety of content being managed. The Graphics or Food edVisers are examples of content solutions providing a depth of existing content for use on technology and food industry sites. The edViser Managers, provide a suite of content management applications utilized by Fortune 500 companies to control significant volumes of content within Internet, intranet, and extranet portals extended out to their staff, clients and business partners.

The Content Services offered by Tecstra System have been developed with the guidance of our clients and are designed to provide valued solutions for the increasingly complex process involved with effective online content delivery. Tecstra welcomes the opportunity to assist your organization with any Content Management Services currently installed or being considered.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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