Tecstra designs, develops and deploys a variety of Web-based applications that enable organizations to self-manage their knowledge content or allow others to easily manage the content within the organization so it can be quickly and easily published to the Web. Our clients enjoy the benefits of content entered once that can be repurposed many times in multiple locations. Several of the valued Knowledge Solutions developed for clients include:

Knowledge Managers

  • Applications that organize and convert enterprise content into a Web-enabled reference library for use in sharing enterprise knowledge with employees, channel partners, and customers, creating Knowledge Centers that retain, organize, maintain, and distribute valued knowledge assets

Glossary Managers

  • Online managers to organize, maintain, and connect terms, definitions and images so they can be interfaced with other knowledge materials to help identify and clarify related content, enabling a much deeper learning experience to occur

Technical Managers

  • Content managers built to control and interface volumes of technical content with inter-related content, serving to provide deeper technical insight, added technical guidance pertaining to specific components and improved access to guidance whenever or wherever needed

As knowledge maintenance increasingly becomes a key initiative of many organizations, solutions must be considered for managing the increasing volumes of digital content. The edViser content managers provide an excellent solution as fully hosted applications for clients desiring systems that can be self-managed internally or managed easily by others. The edViser suite of products are successfully operating in large and small organizations, extending performance support systems to deliver knowledge, training, insight, education, and advice to a wide base of internal and external clients.

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