Improving online experiences with solutions that enable viewers to access relevant information quickly, easily and in greater depth than anticipated creates an allegiance that is considerably stronger for corporate brands seeking alternatives to excel in customer service efforts. Tecstra Systems provides Marketing Solutions that deliver exceptional experiences while simplifying content management activities throughout the enterprise. A few of the solutions developed by Tecstra include:

Product Managers

  • Applications and tool sets that enable product managers, brand managers, or marketing managers to enter and edit content easily that can be published online to be aligned with other product information such as promotions, brand information lookups, product parts, product tips, usage tips and techniques, alternate part suggestions, and a variety of brand building activities

Knowledge Managers

  • Digital solutions that manage entire Knowledge Centers enabling vast amounts of knowledge to be shared with potential customers who are making buying decisions based on product insight, brand information, and industry advice presented online

Performance Support Managers

  • Content solutions that provide guidance and education on-demand 7 days a week 24 hours a day to support the performance of employees, channel partners or current and prospective customers accessing enterprise support portals

The edViser content managers provide fully hosted solutions for clients desiring a complete system that can be self-managed internally or managed easily by others to organize and maintain customer owned or leased content published online. The edViser suite of products are successfully operating in large and small organizations, extending performance support systems to deliver knowledge, training, insight, education, and advice to a wide base of internal and external clients.

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