In addition to many existing solutions that have been developed and are ready to deploy, the need arises often for Custom Solutions that are built around specific needs of organizations seeking an application with a precise fit to existing or proposed objectives. Tecstra Systems provides a wide array of services that enable custom applications to be professionally developed, deployed and managed, on time and within established budgets. Examples of several Custom solutions delivered to our clients include:

Recipe Managers

  • Content managers developed for the food industry to deliver automated processes for viewers seeking advice and guidance on using enterprise food ingredients and products

Print Fulfillment Managers

  • Online solutions for viewing print materials, entering custom specifications, accessing print knowledge support, viewing proofs, and placing orders - automated processes that improve efficiencies and increase savings

Performance Support Managers

  • Subject matter solutions, specific to the enterprise, that provide guidance and education on-demand 7 days a week 24 hours a day to support the performance of employees within the organization or channel partners accessing support portals

The edViser content managers provide fully hosted solutions for clients desiring a complete system that can be self-managed internally or managed easily by others to organize and maintain customer owned or leased content published online. The edViser suite of products are successfully operating in large and small organizations, extending performance support systems to deliver knowledge, training, insight, education, and advice to a wide base of internal and external clients.

For any special need or request, simply contact us at your convenience.

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