Managing online content can be a time consuming and difficult task if the content management tools are built to handle general content management functions, instead of specific functions relevant to the organization's content to be published. Tecstra Systems designs and develops hosted solutions for specific content needs, providing the tools that serve to easily organize, maintain, and distribute libraries of enterprise content. The Content Managers effectively serve as Learning or Knowledge Centers, as Call Center support systems, as Document Centers, Product Catalog Centers, or Fulfillment Centers, to assist customers and employees with accessing a depth of enterprise content so they can receive informed answers and relevant assistance.

A few of the solutions provided by Tecstra Systems include a suite of Content Managers developed for a variety of specific content objectives.

Knowledge Manager

  • Tools to convert enterprise content into a Knowledge Center
  • Categorize and control subject matter for ease of online publishing

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Glossary Manager

  • Organize and maintain terms, definitions and images
  • Full categorization and search capabilities to create a Glossary Center

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Document Manager

  • An online Center for storage and access to enterprise documents
  • Standard Web formats for ease of viewing and output
  • Manage, maintain, update, and organize documents as digital files
  • Maintain marketing materials, publications, policies, or any document

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Technical Manager

  • Organize various types of documents presenting technical information
  • Easily enter content into organized sections designed for technical data

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Product Manager

  • Present corporate brands and brand content easily and effectively
  • Deliver brand related content to increase brand presence when desirable

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Catalog Manager

  • Control images and text for presentations of products, documents and data
  • Easily manage catalogs to accomplish fulfillment activities

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The edViser Content Managers provide a fully hosted solution for clients desiring a complete system that can be self-managed or managed by Tecstra to provide an administration tool for organizing and maintaining custom content to be published online. The edViser suite of products are successfully operating in Fortune 500 companies for a variety of content management purposes, extending performance support systems to deliver knowledge, training, insight, education, and advice to a wide base of internal and external clients.

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