The edViser Knowledge Manager is a Web-based tool designed to manage enterprise content, both text and images, so that it can be published online to provide a mechanism for extending knowledge to enterprise customers, partners and employees. The Knowledge Manager serves as an excellent structure for a Knowledge Center that can be self-managed or managed by Tecstra to provide a library repository to organize, classify, maintain, and distribute content to online portals for use by customers, employees and channel partners of the organization.

Similar to other edViser Managers, the Knowledge Manager is an effective example of a multi-purpose application built to interface with other related materials and content so that clients in need of additional information or related content can easily access content that is interfaced to Knowledge Centers but existing in separate repositories, such as parts drawings, documents, recipes, marketing materials, product insight or specifications, and a wide variety of similar and related content.

As the knowledge is entered it is categorized and stored so that it can be maintained for ease of retrieval or updating, as well as searching and accessing. To access the content, each Knowledge Center maintains an effective search mechanism, a Table of Contents, and a natural lookup table that provides the guidance to easily access and find the subject matter desired.

The edViser Knowledge Manager, deployed and in use within major corporate sites, has served as an excellent solution for distributing and sharing knowledge through enterprise portals. It is a valued product providing a well designed digital library for online viewers seeking brand or product support whenever and wherever desired, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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