The edViser Technical Manager is a Web-based repository designed to manage technical content commonly found in manuals, textbooks, brochures, and marketing communications. Guidance and insight into machine parts on equipment, operation and repair or equipment, software instructions, recipe ingredients, preparation instructions and similar knowledge with instructional images can be published to an online site or portal in order to provide support for sharing knowledge with enterprise customers, partners and employees. The Technical Manager, like other edViser Content Managers is an excellent multi-purpose application built to interface with existing related materials and content. An administration tool enables the Technical Manager to be populated with tips, techniques, instructions, explanations, and key word search features to enable the technical content to be readily available online to assist viewers with effectively using products and brands within the enterprise.

The edViser Technical Manager can be utilized for a variety of enterprise needs requiring an effective digital solution for organizing, storing and distributing technical content. It is a valued solution for partners, employees and consumers seeking ease of access to the technical knowledge and materials to be shared by the enterprise.

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