Maintaining large volumes of documents for enterprise policies and procedures or for marketing communications is increasingly becoming a significant task, especially if they are all archived in a paper form. Tecstra Systems builds applications that effectively create Document Centers that become digital repositories to control and maintain enterprise documents. Several of the document solutions developed for clients include:

Document Managers

  • Applications that serve to organize individual documents so they can be categorized, stored, easily accessed for output to view, print on demand, or order fulfillment

Technical Managers

  • Content managers that assist to support documents or portals with related content that may serve as deeper technical insight, added technical guidance, technical part configurations, or other similar needs

Document Centers

  • Portal solutions to enable a variety of different types of documents and/or document formats to be accessed quickly, shared with users, or organized into Centers that control and deliver on demand

The edViser content managers provide fully hosted solutions for clients desiring a complete system that can be self-managed internally or managed easily by others to organize and maintain customer owned or leased content published online. The edViser suite of products are successfully operating in large and small organizations, extending performance support systems to deliver knowledge, training, insight, education, and advice to a wide base of internal and external clients.

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